Welcome Jaime Ferguson

FFT Partners Welcomes Jaime Ferguson to our Consultant Team!

FFT Partners is delighted to welcome Jaime Ferguson to our consultant team. Jaime brings a wealth of experience to our team, with over 16 years of work with families and clinicians providing FFT services in a community-based setting. Jaime is currently based in Rochester, NY and has worked at Cayuga Centers for the entire length of her professional career. Cayuga Centers, a partnering agency with FFT Partners, is the longest standing provider of FFT in New York State; an example of Jaime’s ability to successfully implement multiple FFT programs in various regions. 

Working with families has always been a focus for Jaime and the FFT model allowed Jaime to grow in her career. “My career goal had always started with wanting to become a Family Therapist and I was surprised to see the job posting for a Functional Family Therapist position back in 2004 that encompassed both providing specific training and being evidence-base. Over time, my passion for doing FFT with fidelity grew to wanting to teach new therapists the foundation of the model and watch their adherence and competence grow with practice, which then pivoted my career goal into a role of supervision and consultation within the FFT model.”

Jaime’s experience extends not only to providing FFT to families as a practicing clinician, but also in training and monitoring the clinical work of others as a certified FFT supervisor. Jaime’s extensive experience and knowledge of both FFT and her community, helps her connect with people from all walks of life; both on a therapeutic and personal level. This has contributed to partnerships with her own community providers as well as other agencies outside of New York State. For Jaime, FFT yields both personal and professional satisfaction…. “this work provides me with constant learning and growth and continues to aid in my professional development.”

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