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Predictability factors. Provides ongoing feedback.

The FFT-Care4 is a systematic combination of the FFT measurement system (Sexton, 2011) and the web-based measurement feedback system (the Contextualized Feed- back System/CFS by Len Bickman of Vanderbilt University) into an interactive web based measurement feedback system, the FFT-Care4. It is accessed through the Care4 software system. TFFT-Care4 consists of brief and psychometrically sound measures to be completed by clients(family voice), therapists, and supervisors that inform session planning. It includes easy to access real time feedback presented to therapists systematically for use in sessions and treatment planning. It provides immediate feedback on changes in client conditions and context so that these events can be quickly incorporated into the FFT treatment.

FFT-Care4 includes four domains:

  • Treatment planning: service delivery, case conceptualization and session planning

  • Treatment Progress & Process: family relational factors, alliance, phase specific progress, general improvement, and symptom level

  • Model Fidelity: therapist model fidelity from supervisor/client perspective

  • Outcomes: family & symptom change

FFT-Care4 features true HIPAA compliance and data security.

FFT Partners continuous quality improvement (CQI) system helps clinicians plan for treatment sessions, evaluate their outcome, gain the client's perspective on ongoing changes, and identify the need for treatment adaptation to meet client needs. Our approach is built on the assumption that continuously measuring the major domains of clinical practice will improve the quality of FFT if it is done in a relevant way that does not take away from clinical interventions.

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