At the 2023 American Psychological Association (APA) annual conference held in Washington D.C. on August 3rd, Dr. Thomas Sexton, Ph.D., ABPP was awarded the Distinguished Service to Couple and Family Psychology award by the American Psychological Association, Society for Couple and Family Psychology.

This honor represents not just a recognition of Dr. Sexton's monumental achievements but also a celebration of a career devoted to improving and advancing couple and family psychology.

Dr. Sexton, a renowned clinician, researcher, and academic, has spent decades working tirelessly to push the boundaries of couple and family psychology. His pioneering work has profoundly shaped the field, influencing both practice and policy at various levels.

With an exemplary record of research, publication, and clinical application, Dr. Sexton's work has been instrumental in developing innovative therapies and interventions that have helped countless couples and families. His leadership has paved the way for new initiatives and collaborations across disciplines, enhancing the field's integration and impact on mental health care.

The Distinguished Service to Couple and Family Psychology award is not simply a token of appreciation but an acknowledgment of Dr. Sexton's commitment to excellence, leadership, and advocacy within the field. It symbolizes his continuous dedication to professional development, mentorship, and the creation of positive change within the field of psychology.

The American Psychological Association, Society for Couple and Family Psychology, chose Dr. Sexton for this award after an exhaustive review of his extensive contributions. The award, presented at one of the most esteemed gatherings of psychologists in the world, reflects the profound respect and admiration his peers and colleagues hold for him.

Through his efforts, Dr. Sexton has not only advanced the field of couple and family psychology but has made a lasting impact on the lives of countless individuals and families. His work will continue to be a guiding light for future generations of psychologists, underscoring the essential role of collaboration, empathy, and commitment in the pursuit of mental health and well-being.

Dr. Sexton is one of the model developers of Functional Family Therapy and is the founder and CEO of FFT Partners, an international Training organization working with community agencies around the world.

Congratulations, Dr. Sexton, and thank you for your distinguished service.

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