The FFT Partners team had the privilege to attend and present at the Child Welfare League of America Conference in Washington DC. This annual gathering is a hub for industry leaders, social workers, psychologists, and other professionals dedicated to improving the welfare of children across the nation. The team, composed of  Tom Sexton,  John Burek, and Sasha-Noelle Udom,  were joined by Nicole Mckelvey-Walsh from the Connecticut DCF team, to present the transformative and collaborative work of FFT Partners and Connecticut DCF in transforming Connecticut's therapeutic foster care system.

The team's compelling presentation titled "Re-Envisioning Therapeutic Foster Care: Transformation of the Connecticut System with Functional Family Therapy" discussed the novel approaches implemented in Connecticut, particularly focusing on transforming the therapeutic foster care system by integrating Functional Family Therapy (FFT). Dr. Sexton highlighted how FFT, a short-term, high-intensity intervention program with a strong emphasis on relationships and communication within the family, has proven to be a valuable tool for the foster care system. He underscored the fact that the core principles of FFT, such as respect, responsibility, and relationships, align well with the needs of the foster care system, making it an ideal therapeutic approach.

The presentation was well received, with many attendees expressing interest in adapting similar changes in their regions. The enthusiasm sparked during Dr. Sexton’s presentation was a testament to the power of fresh ideas and innovative therapies in revolutionizing the foster care system.

Aside from the success of the presentation, one of the most valuable aspects of the conference were the connections  made with child welfare leaders and providers. FFT Partners had the opportunity to exchange ideas with other professionals dedicated to child welfare, opening up a world of potential collaborations and shared knowledge. These relationships are invaluable as we continue to grow and adapt our practices to better serve our communities. Collaborating with providers enables us to expand our reach and effect positive change in the lives of children and families.

The FFT Partners team's experience at the Child Welfare League of America Conference was not only a platform for sharing our work but also a rich opportunity to learn from others in the field. It was an inspiring event that reaffirmed our commitment to re-envisioning therapeutic foster care and driving systemic change in the child welfare system. We look forward to future collaborations with the amazing professionals we've met. The journey of transforming the foster care system is a long one, but with a collective effort and innovative approaches like FFT, we're confident that we're on the right track.


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