Being “value based” is one of the terms you will see in the field today. A values-based approach asks that the values of the agencies and families you work with should be recognized and utilized collaboratively. While it is easy to think that values-based is just another term, in reality, it is critical for the work we do in the communities in which families seek our help.

Functional Family Therapy (FFT) is an evidence-based program, one of the gold standards in treatment programs and methods. Evidence-based programs are programs that have been rigorously tested in controlled settings, proven effective, and translated into practical models that are widely available to community-based organizations. FFT Partners CEO, Dr. Tom Sexton, is one of the model developers and authors of training manuals and the research that has allowed FFT to be designated as an evidence-based model. Tom’s work contributes greatly to FFT Partners being a premier training organization for FFT.  But evidence-based programming and practicing with fidelity is not the only reason for our success in implementing FFT in the agencies and families we work with.

FFT training protocols and services, provided to agencies and families, incorporate a values-based approach. A values-based approach is collaborative – working with agencies and state systems by adjusting and adapting to their unique context. Joining values with evidence is what makes FFT effective with families by recognizing the family’s uniqueness, and being mindful of individual differences, cultural norms and ethnic diversity.  We believe that the ultimate success of any evidence-based practice is the ability to match the model to individual characteristics of the family being served. We train our clinicians to “meet the family” where they are at, understanding their values and building on their strengths. Values-based practice is an approach to supporting clinical decision-making. Our clinical feedback system incorporates family voice (See blog post – Family Voice) into the clinical decision-making system, thereby honoring the family’s point of view and recognizing the importance of their values.

FFT Partners is also a values-based organization - meaning we have a strong culture of shared core values and shared purpose among our staff, where we understand the overall vision and values of our company and where we find alignment between our personal values and our company’s values. This alignment,  and shared purpose results in an energetic, committed and motivated staff, who believe in and enjoy their work. This motivation and commitment to FFT Partners and the FFT model translates to a successful implementation experience for our customers. 

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