FFT Partners is committed to ensuring that families receive the highest quality intervention. Appropriate Implementation and Quality Assurance are vital to ensuring that families receive evidence-based services and attain positive outcomes. In recognition of the importance of Implementation and Quality Assurance, FFT Partners has expanded its service portfolio to better support all current and future providers with implementation guidance and continuous quality improvement support.

Marta Anderson, LCSW will take on the role of Director of Implementation and Quality Assurance. Under Marta’s oversight, each program will receive site readiness support focused on attaining an adherent FFT implementation. Organizations will also meet regularly with the Quality Assurance Department to review Key Performance Indicators to ensure a sustainably adherent FFT intervention.

Marta takes on this role with extensive experience as an FFT Therapist, a Senior FFT Consultant, and direct service provider implementing FFT in the real world. Marta has working knowledge of Implementation Science and what is required to implement Functional Family Therapy across multiple contexts, cultures and geographic locations.

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