Functional Family Therapy (FFT) has been gaining popularity recently as an evidence-based therapeutic approach that helps families resolve conflicts and improve communication. Now, the FFT community has even more reason to celebrate as the book "Functional Family Therapy in Clinical Practice" is being published in Korean and Japanese, marking another significant milestone for the expansion of FFT.

The book, written by Dr. Thomas L. Sexton, provides practical guidance for clinicians on how to implement Functional Family Therapy in their practice based on their extensive experience in the field. It is a valuable resource for mental health professionals interested in incorporating FFT into their treatment approach, and it highlights the growing interest in FFT worldwide.

Functional Family Therapy has successfully treated a wide range of problems families face, including substance abuse, juvenile delinquency, and mental health issues. The approach is founded on the belief that the family unit is a critical factor in individual behavior and that addressing family dynamics can lead to lasting positive change.

The publication of "Functional Family Therapy in Clinical Practice" in Korean and Japanese is a testament to the dedication of FFT partners worldwide, who are committed to bringing this powerful approach to needy families. As FFT continues to expand globally, it is hoped that more families will benefit from this effective and evidence-based therapy.

FFT Partners is leading the way in implementing Functional Family Therapy around the world.  The publication of "Functional Family Therapy in Clinical Practice" in Korean and Japanese is a significant milestone for the FFT community. It reflects the growing interest in this approach around the world. With the guidance provided in this book, mental health professionals can now incorporate Functional Family Therapy into their practice and help families resolve conflicts and build stronger, healthier relationships.


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