John is the newest member of the FFT Partners leadership team, where he is involved with the implementation, management and continuous quality improvement of the FFT evidence-based model at multiple locations around the United States. John comes to FFT Partners with over 29 years of extensive experience in the ministry and social services fields; over 10 of those years working with a national and internationally recognized evidence-based family therapy model, where he successfully implemented the model in 16 states.

John holds a Master’s Degree from Nova Southeastern University and a Bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Ministries from Southeastern University. Prior to professionally working in the social services field, John was involved in inner city ministry, taught high school, and was on the pastoral counseling team for one of the largest churches in the southeast United States.  

John’s previous experience also includes work with the most at-risk populations in Florida in a number of capacities ranging from Case Manager, working directly with youth and families, to Deputy Director implementing and providing oversight to all programs in 23 counties. John strives to provide children and families with the best possible service and all programs under his direct supervision received a commendable status or higher with one program receiving the highest Quality Assurance score in the state of any program type reviewed by the Department of Juvenile Justice. John was also a Certified Peer Reviewer for the Bureau of Quality Assurance, held executive office positions for the Juvenile Justice Boards and Councils including the Florida Circuit 10 Chair of the Faith Community Network.  

John recently co-authored, “An Exploratory Study of a Training Team-Coordinated Approach to Implementation” in the journal, “Global Implementation Research and Applications” January 2021 Edition. He has presented at more than 80 conferences and leadership groups across the country that included such topics as family engagement, implementation evidence of an evidence-based family therapy model, reentry/reunification and prevention of out of home placements.  

John has dedicated his entire adult life, both in the capacity as a volunteer and professional, to serving the community because of his deep commitment and desire to help as many families as possible. FFT Partners looks forward to working with John; his depth of his experience, commitment to families, and attitude of excellence make him a great addition to our team.

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