FFT is pleased to announce that Astrid van Dam is now FFT Partners’ Chief Clinical Training Officer. The CCTO position provides leadership and oversight of all FFT clinical training programs and clinical supervision to Senior Consultants/Consultant staff and assigned client teams. In her position as CCTO, Astrid supports the development and implementation of the training curriculum, and implements policies and procedures to drive forward an evidence-based approach and values-based culture for all individuals working for and/or associated with FFT Partners to ensure that quality and comprehensive service is being delivered on all levels. Astrid’s education, experience, and skills combine to make her the ideal choice for this new role in FFT Partners.

Astrid hails from the Netherlands, where she graduated with her degree in Social Work. She started her career working in a group home which she remembers as “…an experience that still helps me every day to realize the resilience of families but also how children and their families can get stuck in the child welfare system. In the early ‘80s removing kids from their homes was still seen as a good way of protecting kids, although the notion to focus the help on the family was growing.” Astrid switched her focus to working with families in the early ‘90s.  After completing her Masters, she continued training as a family therapist working in different areas of the child welfare system and in Forensic Psychiatric Youth care.  

In 2003, she was introduced to FFT and began her journey of becoming an FFT therapist, supervisor, and consultant and trainer and says, “I have enjoyed the journey…. and still enjoy every single aspect of this work every day.” While working as a therapist, Astrid was drawn to education and training. She notes, “I’ve always had a great interest in education; training professionals who work in our field. For years I was connected as a consultant and educator in a master’s program at a college in Amsterdam”.  In 2008, Astrid was able to fulfill that interest and began working fulltime as the Clinical Training Director for FFT Associates. Since 2012, she has been a driving force as the Lead Consultant/Trainer Director for FFT Partners and in her new position, Astrid continues to train and supervise 7 consultants and over 100 teams in addition to bringing new ideas and development to training and fidelity for FFT Partners.  

Astrid’s perspective, work ethic, and knowledge are greatly admired by her colleagues. Partners’ QA Director/Senior Consultant Marta Anderson says, “as a Trainer, Consultant, and Supervisor, Astrid is able to find a unique balance of supporting you while at the same time challenging you in ways that push you to grow and develop. She has this uncanny ability to identify the exact thing that is hard or challenging for us individually and then pushing us to take that challenge head on. FFT Partners is excited to have her as our CCTO.”

A heartfelt and well-deserved congratulations to Astrid in her expanded role with Partners!


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