John and Marta had the privilege to attend the very special 60th Annual Florida Children’s Coalition Conference in Orlando, FL. The conference theme was, “People. Purpose. Passion.” which could not have been described more accurately. We had the opportunity to meet with so many professionals who are extremely driven to help our most challenging and hurting families in the system. During our discussions, we heard many testimonies from both direct care and leadership staff. One administrator sharing while trying to hold back tears, about a very recent 17 year old and the family’s dire and desperate circumstances. Clearly, showing so much care and compassion for the family and the desire to intervene to the family. A case manager sharing her experience with one of her most challenging families and the work accomplished to turn the family around, going far above and beyond to give the family the best chance of success. In both, we could see the genuine care, concern and utter determination to be a part of the healing process for the most wounded of families. We are so proud to work with and alongside of the professionals who every day make sacrifices to help families in the system.


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